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Are Motorcycle Helmets Effective?

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No universal helmet law forces motorcyclists to wear a helmet. Though, safety activists urge riders to do so any time of day. Sadly, no matter how skilled or safe a rider is, negative outcomes among motorcyclists could create damaging and possibly unspecified injuries in a motor vehicle crash. At Glenn Law, we stand up for any helmeted or non-helmeted rider. We want Texans to understand the helmet use law and reduce the risks of head injuries in any type of crash. If you in a multi- and single-vehicle crash, call our Texas personal injury lawyers for guidance.

As a motorcyclist, we know you want to be safe riding up and down the roads and highways East Seventh Place or Capitol Avenue in Texas. Or, you might decide to visit New York and see the Corning Tower and Empire State Plaza. The last thing you want to happen is an injury or crash-type death that is avoidable. 

 Motorcycle Helmet Law Setting

In Texas, riders must know recent helmet laws. Like the required bicycle helmet, the law requires anyone on a motorcycle to wear a helmet. However, if you are a non-compliant helmet wearer, the law does have exceptions for individuals over 21.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, You have to have $10,000 of health insurance coverage for any medical costs. Riders should be aware of the rates of helmet wearers and head injuries among bikers. Your risk of head injury and risk of death increase when you don't wear a helmet (Family and Health Equity Section, Public Health Initiatives Branch and the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, Suite 240). 

Helmet Use Effectiveness Facts

Are motorcycle helmets effective? Motorcycle attorney in Texas

Injury statistic has proven that the percent of motorcyclists who wear a helmet and the effectiveness of helmet wearing could reduce the rates of injury and the number of motorcycle-related head injury death, decreasing any unspecified injury among motorcyclist. Studies show that a critical manuscript revision, a new manuscript drafting, or a law state model is necessary when it comes to helmets. Mandatory motorcycle helmet law could also lower the percentage of crash severity of motorcyclists who suffer a nonlethal head injury. 

Are motorcycle helmets effective? A Non-helmeted Rider: Deaths by Person

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) stated that sometime in 2015, improper helmet or non-helmet use resulted in over 440 motorcycle accident deaths in Texas. UNC Highway Safety Research Center safety professional's research of the study population stated that if more individuals wore helmets, a motorcyclist fatality would be a thing of the past.

The effectiveness estimate data also says that wearing a motorcycle helmet could save millions of dollars in public health and medical costs. Motorcyclists should study all the statistics, references to crash information, and research before determining whether to wear a helmet. Though, injuries among motorcyclists who don't wear helmets are high (National Study Center for Trauma, University of Maryland Baltimore, 110 South Paca Street, Baltimore, MD 21201).

A Cochrane Collaboration review states that being an unhelmeted rider does not alter the likelihood that you might suffer a motorcycle accident. If you are an injured motorcyclist, contact a motorcycle attorney to discuss your case.

An Injury in Motorcycle Accidents

Information from scholar experts (University of Kentucky College of Public Health, 333 Waller Ave., Suite 206) Being in a motorcycle collision could result in injuries or even a motorcycle death. It may be even worse if you are a nonhelmeted rider. A study by the Department of Health, wearing a helmet will safeguard your head in a crash. 

 It does not matter the motorcycle type, motorcycle engine size, engine displacement, or whether you are part of a Texas touring motorcycle group or taking a cross-country trip to Salt Lake City or South Carolina. Even the safest, most skilled motorcycle riders face vaster accident risks than individuals in trucks or cars.. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, an unhelmeted motorcyclist has a significantly increased risk of a motor vehicle death when involved in a crash.

Motorcycle riders do not have the protection provided by an automobile body. Even minor crashes have the possibility of causing severe injuries or wrongful deaths by drivers. For example, a low-speed collision between an involved vehicle and a motorcycle could throw the motorcycle rider in the air like a rag doll, possibly causing a traumatic brain injury, lethal head injury, or injury to their body region.

Wear Some Type of Helmet

Though a state's helmet law has an exemption, it does not make it safe to ride without one (Georgia Department of Public Health, 2 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA).

According to the IIHS query and reporting system (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), helmets are over 35% efficient in averting an increase in fatality and more than 65% in stopping brain injuries due to a motorcycle crash. The impact of helmet wearing could make a significant difference in the death rate of a non-helmeted rider. Critical fundamental equipment includes DOT-approved helmet type.

Riding sober (blood alcohol concentration-BAC under 50 mg) and knowing highway safety countermeasure will help you avoid a motorcycle rider's death during your riding career. Whether you choose to wear a safety helmet or a non-helmeted motorcyclist, each rider should take a motorcycle operator safety and training course. 

 Motorcycle Helmet Effectiveness

Green helmet next to tools in Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer a controlled study (special reference to The Barell Injury Diagnosis and the Injury Diagnosis Matrix) about the need for a mandatory helmet law. In 2015, CDC statistics stated:

·    More than 730 people would be alive if they wore a universal motorcycle helmet

·    The reduced risk of a head injury dropped by 69% due to wearing some type of helmet

·    The risk estimate of death dropped more than 35% because of helmets

If all motorcycle riders wore a motorcycle crash helmet, the proportion of motorcyclists who are hurt every year would decrease, saving the United States over $1 billion (Center for Injury Research and Policy, 1000 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC).

There is a helmet fixation on the helmet use rate, helmet ownership, helmet cost, distributions of helmet gear, DOT-compliant helmet use, observable helmet damage, interactions between helmet wearers and non-wearers,  and distribution of helmet gear. 

The goal is to reduce the motorcycle crash record, control motorcyclist injury, enhancing the quality of life for the non-linked motorcyclist, decrease vehicle crash death, lessen crash time in Texas, create a state-specific model of guidelines for motorcycle helmet, study the population of riders that use a helmet, how to preserve and save lives on a Texas public road, and how many deaths by road structures.

Truthfully, any type of motorcycle helmet use (half-coverage helmet, full-face helmet, partial helmet, or helmet visor) does keep motorcycle riders and passengers safe. Several individuals on the opposing side of this fight agree with that—studies of helmet-related characteristics, behavioral characteristics,  and crash characteristics of riders.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

To increase the value for your damages and injury outcome in a motorcycle crash, you should immediately file a personal injury claim and contact a personal injury lawyer. You might also want to determine liability and offer evidence of the collision type and case value. You should dismiss contact with all parties. In a motorcycle crash case, anything you say could hurt your case. 

Establish Liability

You will have to collect evidence like pictures, trauma registry, and medical records. It is also important to note the person type.

Your lawyer should submit all documents (make sure you get a license valid for driving) to the at-fault party's insurance company and discuss a settlement. Here is what you should collect after a motorcycle accident:

·    Document the road type, location of the crash, collision object, and all interactions

·    Medical charge, hospital charge, and receipts

·    contact information, including the info on their valid license

·    Symptoms related to your injury type

If you feel the monetary amount will not cover the economic cost of your damages, then do not accept the settlement.

Injuries, Medical Costs, and Lost Pay

You could have gotten a severe head injury in your motorcycle crash (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Epidemiology and Health Informatics Unit). These injuries include lacerations, severe head injury, facial injury, spinal injuries, neck injury, broken bones, and other serious injuries. The severity and extent of your injuries will affect your case.

Medical costs might include doctor's visits, prescriptions, and hospital emergency department care. A long-term disability could reduce your economic impact to provide for your family. 

Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A man holds motorcycle helmet in texas

A Texas Glenn law firm motorcycle accident lawyers could be able to help you establish liability and fault. You need the vehicle crash record of the negligent driver or if there is a suspicion of alcohol or drugs.

Because of the rise in the percentage of motorcyclists, the estimates of helmet-wearing motorcyclists are increasing, reducing head injuries and deaths by a crash (University of Utah School of Medicine). Texas law wants to diminish the occupant deaths motorcyclist suffer. Glenn Law provides legal assistance for victims of motorcycle crashes in Texas. Call us for a free case review.

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