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Burning causes some of the most traumatic injuries - painful, difficult to heal and leaving a permanent mark on people's bodies. Burn victims are not only persons who were caught in a fire. In our experience as personal injury attorneys, we helped clients who were involved in motor vehicle accidents or exposed to chemicals, hot liquids and radiation. And we know just how hard and expensive it is to recover from such trauma.

This is why we urge you to contact a Dallas burn injury lawyer at Glenn Law Firm to analyze your case and explain what type of compensation you are entitled.  Call today 817-424-5999 or contact us online!

We have extensive knowledge of the law and prior experience in fighting for compensation for people who suffered severe burns due to another person's fault. Our mission is to negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and not settle for the first lump amount they will propose. Instead, we prepare our own claim for compensation and, if it is not accepted, we take the case to trial.

Understanding the Different Types of Burns

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An experienced burn injury attorney has seen all sorts of terrible cases of burning caused by negligence, faulty machinery, and other types of liable actions. At Glenn Law Firm, we counseled clients who suffered:

  • Electrical burns - this type of burns is caused by electrical current passing through the body, for instance, when touching an exposed live wire
  • Friction burns - frequently seen after auto accidents, and caused by pressing the skin long and hard against an object (the road, in this instance)
  • Thermal burns - these burns are caused by extremely high temperatures, not the presence of fire, and can cause soft  tissue damage down to the bone
  • Chemical burns - chemical substances such as acids and solvents can cause severe burns through the skin and muscles
  • Radiation burns - exposure to radioactive materials causes severe, life-threatening burns all over the body.

During the preparation of burn injury claims, we carefully document the source of injury, the degree of burn and other relevant aspects that can help your case.

The Scale of Burn Degrees

According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, burns are categorized into four degrees of severity:

  1. First-degree burns - this type of burn affects the outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis. They appear as reddened, sore areas on the skin. One of the most frequent causes of first degree burns is sunburn. They do not require special medical care and heal on their own in around one week.
  2. Second-degree burns - in this case, both the outer and middle layers (dermis) of the skin are affected. They definitely require medical attention - in some cases a protective graft (natural or artificial skin) is required to protect the body from infection as it heals.
  3. Third-degree burns - a third degree burn will affect both layers of the skin and the tissue underneath it. A skin graft is absolutely necessary in this case.
  4. Fourth-degree burns - in this case, the burn goes all the way down to the bone and also affects internal organs.

What Kind of Situations Allow You to File a Personal Injury Claim Successfully?

Burn injury lawyers will attempt to find out all the details of the accident that resulted in burn injuries. In our experience, the most common situations when we can successfully conduct settlement negotiations are:

  • road accidents
  • accidents at work (faulty electrical devices and machinery, chemical spills, gas spillage)
  • accidents in public places
  • accidents during surgeries or medical malpractice
  • accidents in residential properties, schools, nurseries, etc.

Another important aspect is the victim's degree of responsibility for the accident. In the state of Texas, the Civil Practice and Remedies Code stipulates the comparative negligence rule (defined as proportional responsibility). Thus, if you are found at fault for the accident in a proportion less than 51%, you are still entitled to fair compensation for your medical bills, pain, and suffering.

What Kind of Compensation Are You Entitled To?

Your Dallas burn injury attorney will always fight to obtain a meaningful settlement for you. This does not only cover your economic losses, but also monetary damages for the suffering you will have to endure for the rest of your life.

When we prepare a claim, we include, among others:

  • hospital bills
  • lost wages
  • loss of ability to work
  • future costs to heal and reduce scarring
  • cosmetic surgery required in case of disfigurement
  • expenses with therapy to overcome the psychological impact of the accident.

Our experienced team conducts extensive interviews with the medical professionals involved in your case in order to estimate the recovery time and expenses as accurately as possible.

Steps We Take to Secure Fair Compensation for You

Once we know all the circumstances of the event that caused your catastrophic burns, we will contact the insurance company of the party at fault and present our claim, together with the explanation of their degree of fault. Our aim is to make this process as simple as possible and secure financial compensation for you through amicable negotiations.

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If we cannot reach an acceptable agreement, our legal team will file a lawsuit and present your case before a judge and jury. We will keep you informed of the legal process every step of the way and require your input only when it is necessary.

At Glenn Law Firm We Fight to Win!

Founded by David Glenn, a personal injury attorney with over 30 years of experience, Glenn Law Firm is the force of the law standing by your side and fighting for you. We know that no amount of money can truly compensate for the scars and mental trauma that you will carry for the rest of your life.

But we believe that you deserve the best medical care and the chance to recover free of the worry concerning your finances due to the loss of income and inability to work. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible for the evaluation of your case because time is of the essence: the statute of limitations for filing a burn accident claim is 2 years. We are available 24/7 by appointment: 817-424-5999 or contact us online!

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