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Motor vehicle accidents are very frequent on the roads of Dallas. Even if you follow all the traffic laws strictly and don't get distracted, you may still get involved in an accident. Negligence on part of another driver can cause you severe economic and non-economic damage. An experienced Dallas car accident lawyer can help you determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

As if automobile crashes weren't traumatic enough, you've got a ton of other problems to deal with after the accident. There's gathering evidence, getting patched up, having your car fixed, keeping track of all your extra spending necessitated by the accident, and negotiating a settlement.

Things don't usually end with negotiations because insurance adjusters have a nasty habit of saying no to your demands of reasonable compensation. The insurance company may try to underpay you or not pay at all, the at-fault driver may try to dodge the blame, and so on – things can get complicated in more ways than you can fathom.

You must also keep the statute of limitations in mind.

Having an experienced Dallas car accident attorney with you can go a long way in ensuring that you protect your legal rights effectively.

Types of Car Accidents In Dallas, Texas

No two car accidents are the same, they may be similar, but not the same.

Automobile crashes can take several shapes on the streets of Dallas, Texas but some generalizations can be drawn from this mixture of horrid scenes. Understanding the type of accident is very important because the intensity of damages sustained is different for each type.

Some accidents are inherently more devastating than others.

And, as the more perceptive readers may have already guessed, some accident types reveal clearly who's at fault. For instance, in a DUI accident, the drunk driver is to blame. Similarly, in a rear-end crash, usually, it's the guy in the rear who's at fault.

A professional accident attorney will always factor in the type of accident when dealing with a personal injury claim and base their stand on the assessment of the situation.

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Common Causes of Car Crashes In Dallas, Texas

Every year, thousands of people are injured in car accidents throughout Texas and a significant fraction of these accidents proves to be fatal.

The leading cause of these accidents is distracted driving. People sometimes busy themselves with texting, eating, drinking, conversing, or looking elsewhere while driving.

However, things get even worse when an inebriated driver is behind the wheels. Crossing the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration, especially if you have to drive, is not only foolish but can cost someone their life.

However, sometimes problems with the road or manufacturing defects (or improper maintenance Issues) with the vehicle may also prove to be a factor.

In the last case, a car accident victim may sue the car manufacturer for negligence resulting in physical, mental, and economic damages.

Damages Sustained Due To Car Accidents In Dallas, Texas

In any Dallas personal injury case, the damages are divided into two types: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include all the medical expenses, bills for damage repair, lost wages, and extra expenditures necessitated by the accident. Pain and suffering are, on the other hand, defined under the non-economic umbrella even though they are closely related to the former (patching up injuries requires money).

Car accident victims suffer blows to the spine and brain at the very least, however, things can get much worse. Serious accidents often result in bone fractures (and these are much more common than you think), severe brain injuries leading to serious traumas (can be fatal), spine herniation, and so on.

Bruises, burns, disfigurations, amputations, lacerations, painful neck injuries, and internal bleeding are all possible in car accidents. The sheer horror and agony of such a fate is enough to make anyone sick, yet this is not all: many accidents also result in wrongful deaths of the victims.

Those who do survive, need to battle the pain radiating throughout their body and get expensive medical treatment for getting back to normal, or as close to it as possible. Some losses such as amputations and burn marks are irreversible, but even those that can be straightened out, won't become better overnight.

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During this whole time, the victim may be subject to physical anguish and mental stress. In a personal injury claim, the victim can and should mention these challenges and they should be compensated with a fair sum. Usually, based on the degree of the pain and suffering, a multiple, up to 5, is assigned to the total economic losses sum to pay the victim for their sufferings.

This number is not more than three in most cases because severe accidents are not as frequent as regular ones in Dallas. Proving pain and suffering for a minor fender bender or an accident that resulted in only minor medical expenses, is not as easy, and usually, in those cases, the insurer will only offer compensation for the financial damages.

Just be sure to not delay stuff because there is a statute of limitations to consider; professional accident lawyers will keep you in the loop here.

How To Deal With A Car Accident In Dallas, Texas?

Accidents are sudden and usually leave the victims in a state of shock and disbelief. Things become even worse if the damage was pretty serious and the sufferer needs immediate medical attention. However, in most cases, the drivers can muster up their strength and work on gathering evidence at the accident scene.

You will have to pull up on the side of the road, but if your car is not drivable (at least not safely), you must leave it there with the hazards lights turned on to warn the incoming traffic.

If you have the strength, you should gather yourself and exchange information with the other driver. It is a legal requirement in Dallas. You should ask for their full name, ID, driver's license info, license plate number, make and model of their vehicle, and details of their insurance provider.

Don't say who's at fault (and for the love of God, don't offer an apology just to sound nice – your words can be used against you), even if the other driver brings it up, just say that the insurance adjuster will decide how to assign blame.

Once you've had the discussion, take out your camera and photograph everything. Make sure that you get clear photos of the vehicle damage, the accident scene, your injuries, and those of any passengers with you. If there were any bystanders in the surrounding who saw the incident, ask for their contact information because they may become valuable witnesses.

The next step is to visit a doctor, you only have a 72 hours window to do that. Don't delay seeking medical assistance, and keep track of all the reports and expenses. You should not lose hold of any bills and receipts, because they will prove instrumental in securing compensation.

If you're unable to go to work, keep track of your lost wages. In short, every cent that you use after a car accident like this must be accountable for.

While you're busy gathering all of this evidence, be sure to get in touch with a lawyer. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis meaning that you don't have to pay them upfront for their services.

You should then approach the insurance adjuster, with a competent auto accident attorney and seek a fair settlement in Dallas, Texas.

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Seeking Fair Settlements For Car Accidents In Dallas, Texas

In most cases, things don't have to go to a courtroom. If the insurance company of the at-fault driver is cooperative, you can get fair compensation for your injuries and other losses from them. However, in some cases, it is not as simple.

As mentioned earlier, having a lawyer by your side will be very helpful in this settlement process. Not only will an attorney tell you precisely what to say and what not to say (remember, your words can be used against you), but will also prevent the insurance adjuster from pressuring you.

Lay down all the facts and proof before the adjuster. You must lay stress on how intense your suffering and pain are, make sure to get your point across to the mind of the reviewers. This will prompt them to offer a settlement with a sum included for your non-economic losses.

Usually, in a settlement, the sum is not as high as you'd like. This is because convincing the insurance adjuster of your sufferings is not as easy as most people think. The insurance company must protect its own interest before anything else.

However, if you can't withstand the financial burden of being in the situation that you're facing, you may have to concede and accept the offer.

Of course, this does not mean that you must take any sum, no matter how unfair, that they offer. If you feel like the insurer is paying you less than what you deserve, you can walk away and ask your lawyer to take matters to the court.

When the attempt at settlement fails in the insurance company, the court becomes the arena for the final showdown. Your lawyer will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf, build a strong case, prepare witnesses, and take the lead in this tussle.

The goal, in a court of law, is to convince either the judge or a jury that your sufferings deserve fair compensation. While nothing is guaranteed in such matters, proceeding with proper legal counsel will go a long way in helping you claim your rightful reimbursement.

Just keep the statute of limitations in mind.

How Much Do Car Accident Victims Usually Get As Compensation In Dallas, Texas?

A visit to the hospital for seeking treatment for your injuries can cost thousands of dollars. And, we know a fair compensation must cover all of your expenses plus the pain and suffering you had to go through.

In most of the cases, accidents are moderately severe and can get people around $3,000 in compensation for their financial and non-economic losses. This, of course, is a scenario involving a car accident that was not too severe.

If there was a minor inside the car when the accident happened, you will get an increased sum to compensate for your losses. In severe cases, the reimbursement may be much more than the total financial losses that you sustained.

Sums like $1 million, and even beyond, are awarded to people who had to endure great hardship.

Why Should You Get Lawyers Involved?

Having lawyers on-board during the initial phases may seem unnecessary but that's not the case. Lawyers can prove their usefulness throughout the settlement process even if matters don't go to court, here's how:

  • They'll give you a clearer picture of your legal rights
  • They will build a solid case for your personal injury claim
  • They can fill in all the gaps in your evidence through private investigators
  • They know all the legal loopholes that at-fault parties use to evade blame
  • They will tell you what to say and what not to say
  • They will help you be more authoritative during the settlement tussle with the insurance adjuster
  • And much more…

Bottom line: call a lawyer as soon as possible.

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