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A traumatic brain injury (also known as a “TBI”) is one of the most serious head injuries that a person can experience. Part of the problem is that sufferers of a TBI, such as a concussion, may not even recognize what they're symptoms are telling them. If you or a member of your family have had a serious head injury, talking to a Fort Worth brain injury lawyer can be extremely helpful. A brain injury lawyer can provide you with a case analysis and determine whether another party is liable for your injuries and whether or not you are likely to be able to recover.

Primary Causes of Brain Injuries

Unfortunately, thousands of head injuries take place every year. A concussion or other traumatic brain injury can result from numerous types of incidents. Hitting your head on the dashboard or the steering wheel in a car accident is a common cause, as is hitting your head on the windshield during a head on collision. Head trauma is also common in motorcycle wrecks because cyclists are particularly vulnerable. It goes without saying that there aren't any airbags in a motorcycle crash—and it's not only the bike itself, but a cyclist can also hit his or her head on the street. Eighteen wheeler wrecks are also a common cause of TBIs because their loads carry so much weight and, thus, momentum.

Aside from motor vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall (or trip-and-fall) injuries are a frequent culprit in traumatic brain injury cases. When an owner or operator of a business or land leaves an unreasonably unsafe condition, there is an increased likelihood that someone will lose their balance and hit their head as a result of such a slip-and-fall. Especially dangerous workplaces are frequent places where these injuries happen, too. Safeguards and procedures are of the utmost importance when—for example—construction workers are working with heavy materials and dangerous equipment.

Brain Injuries Can Be Fatal If They Are Not Treated Promptly

Often times, symptoms of a TBI will not present immediately. Tell-tale signs of significant head injuries are changes in memory (like short-term memory problems or long-term memory loss), inability to sleep, decreased ability to concentrate or focus, and blurred vision or ringing in the ears. Without prompt treatment, these symptoms can leave permanent damage. In fact, these injuries can even become fatal. This is why seeing a doctor after experiencing head trauma is so crucial. Even if you feel fine, doctors can perform test like CT scans and other neurological exams to alert them to problems that are developing before their symptoms become overwhelming or irreversible.

A Fort Worth Brain Injury Attorney Can Help You Get The Damages You Deserve

Traumatic brain injuries can yield life-changing consequences. Because this is true, the various types of losses you and your loved ones undergo may require that a brain injury lawyer assist you in demanding damages:

  • Medical Bills and future medical care – These types of injuries usually require significant medical treatment. They can necessitate surgeries, monitoring, extensive testing, and often lengthy and involved treatments like physical therapy and occupational therapy.

  • Lost wages and loss of future income – Injuries of this nature are likely to force you and/or your loved ones to miss at least some work. Unfortunately, these are often the times when you need the hours and pay the most. If you have to miss work, compensation for your missed time is generally something a Tarrant County personal injury lawyer can help you demand from a defendant.

  • Pain and suffering – Not only is the pain itself a tremendous burden in a traumatic brain injury case, but the loss of your faculties, loss of long-term memory, loss of short-term memory, and other cognitive impairment can result in despair and depression. These lead to a loss of enjoyment of life, they can affect your marriage (what the law calls “loss of consortium”), and they can disturb other areas of life which we so often take for granted. A Texas injury attorney who is familiar with Texas law can help you fight for compensation in this category of damages, as well.

Our goal as your TBI attorney is to fight to make you whole and to help you seek compensation for what you lost.

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The viability of your case depends on its specific facts. A personal injury attorney can help you understand the complexities of your case. Because experienced personal injury lawyers have tried cases like yours before, they can help you get an idea of the value of your case.

When you talk to a Fort Worth injury lawyer, he or she should typically tell you a few things. First, what you'll need to prove is that the other party actually caused your injury. This is what creates legal liability. Second, they can assist you in gathering and properly authenticating medical records so that you can demonstrate to the other side what your damages are in a legally correct manner. A Texas personal injury attorney will bring experience to the table in terms of dealing with Texas insurance companies (as well as national insurance companies operating in our state) that most folks will not have on their own.

While some brain injury lawyers will do everything they can to just get your case settled, we at Glenn Law Firm believe in fighting for our clients. It's because of this that we are not afraid to take your case trial if the defendant refuses to offer you a reasonable settlement. Our lead attorney, David Glenn, has taken numerous cases through to trial in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas, and we are not afraid to do what it takes to fight for you in your time of need.

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