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What To Do After A Texas Truck Wreck

Posted by Jacob Glenn | May 16, 2022 | 0 Comments

Truck wrecks or 18-wheeler wrecks are probably the most dangerous types of collisions that happen on Texas roads. This is for the one obvious reason: big trucks are big! They carry tremendous amounts of weight and—thus—momentum. Such being the case, some of the most serious injuries that arise on Texas roads and highways are the result of being run into, run off the road, or otherwise becoming involved in an 18-weeler crash. This can be an extremely frightening circumstance, but there are a few things to remember if this ever happens to you.

Make Sure There's Accident Report

In truck crashes, it's important to remember to call the police. Sometimes the incident is so severe that you wouldn't imagine not calling the police; other times, the other driver says, “Hey I'll take responsibility,” but when the rubber hits the road they deny, deny, deny. (Even when it's obviously their fault!) This is why it's important to call the police even when it seems like a small accident; the responding police officer should create a crash report so that there is a firm record of what took place. This prevents the at-fault driver from changing their mind when push-comes-to-shove.

A crash report can be an extremely important piece of evidence if you end up filing a claim, and it is especially important in the event of a lawsuit. Insurance claim adjustors and jurors both put significant weight into what a reporting officer had to say about the scene. Also, if there are any witnesses, having their perspective summarized and their contact information recorded in a crash report is an effective way to make sure the story of what really transpired is not subject to change. Evidence like this is key to giving your truck wreck lawyer the best tools possible to fight for you—if and when the time comes.

Take Pictures, Make Notes, Create a Record

The best practice is the take pictures at the scene. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Taking pictures at the actual scene of the incident is the best way to show how the vehicles looked post-accident, what did the wreckage look like, how the weather caused the lighting to appear at that time, and a host of other aspects. If you have documentation of this, it's easier to prove later on down the road. Also, it's helps you remember, yourself. When you contact an 18-wheeler lawyer, he or she will likely ask you to bring all of the documents and materials you have that relate to the truck accident so that he or she can get the clearest understanding possible.

Additionally, you should make sure you get the contact and insurance information of all drivers involved, you should get the contact information of any witnesses present—even if that is being recorded by the officer in his or her report—and any other information that may seem relevant, no matter how minor. (It's typically better to have too much information instead of too little.)

If You're Hurt, Get Medical Attention

When involved in a serious wreck, you may have no choice in the matter—an ambulance may arrive to take you to the hospital. However, you may also find yourself in a situation where you think you're fine, but you can't be exactly sure. When you're dealing with a roadway collision as serious as an 18-wheeler accident, it's usually better to air on the side of caution. Heavy machinery can lead to hard hitting injuries—especially head injuries. One of the first things a traumatic brain injury lawyer will tell you is that a TBI—like a concussion—will not necessarily present the full range of its symptoms right away. The same thing can happen with all sorts of injuries. That's why its best to get checked out by a medical professional-even if you think you're totally fine.

Contact A Truck Accident Lawyer

Once you make sure that you have received the medical attention necessary, the next step is to contact a truck accident attorney. You will likely be rattled by this experience and the various moving parts that arise in the aftermath. At a time like this, a Texas personal injury attorney can be a key asset in making sure you receive the compensation you are owed. Here at Glenn Law Firm, we provide a free case consultation and analysis. We work on a contingency fee basis, so it is 100% free to call us. An experienced 18-wheeler wreck attorney would be happy to speak with you and help you understand your options. Call us at (817) 424-5999, or simply fill out the submission form on this website!

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