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The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the primary means of quick and cost-efficient transport for the citizens of Dallas. Buses are not only systemic but also allow people to save up statistically significant sums from their transport expenses.

But as useful and economic as they are, buses are not completely safe. Accidents involving pedestrians and buses are not uncommon, and they can be very horrific. In many cases, the accident turns out to be fatal but even when it doesn't result in death, things can go very wrong.

Being an unwary victim of a bus accident is both physically traumatic and economically troublesome. The only thing you can do when disaster strikes are to gather your spirit and seek fair financial compensation for your losses.

A Dallas bus accident lawyer will help you get a fair settlement for all the damages you sustained because of someone's negligence..

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Why Do Bus Crashes Happen In Dallas, Texas?

Bus accidents, or other forms of automobile accidents for that matter, don't happen without reason. Sometimes, it is the driver who's at fault, while in other scenarios, the bus may crash due to technical problems or unsafe road conditions.

The pedestrian who gets struck seldom shares the blame in this regard and the same is also mostly true for victims in an automobile.

Moving on to the causes:

  • Negligence on the part of the bus driver can take multiple forms such as eating, drinking, texting, and so on while driving, and in such cases, the driver is always at fault.
  • Bus accidents can happen due to speeding beyond the legal limit.
  • An intoxicated (beyond the legal blood alcohol concentration limit) or sleep-deprived bus driver is more likely to cause an accident.
  • Technical issues with buses can also cause accidents, and in such cases, the bus companies would be considered at fault.
  • Accidents can also happen due to unsafe road conditions in which case you can sue the State of Texas for not ensuring public safety.

These are some of the most common causes of bus accidents with pedestrians or other drivers. In most cases, it is the driver, the bus company, or the state that can be sued for all the economic and non-economic damages a victim sustained due to their negligence.

A professional personal injury lawyer can help you secure fair compensation for your losses and ensure that you, as a victim of a bus accident that was not your fault, get justice.

Types of Damages Resulting From Bus Accidents In Dallas, Texas

In the most minor cases, those involving buses and other drivers, the victim may sustain nominal injuries, making the losses more financial (property damage) than otherwise. However, bus accidents can and do result in horrific physical traumas.

Blows to the head, spine injury, neck injuries, lacerations, bruises, internal bleeding, bone fractures, and joint dislocations are some of the most common results of such accidents. In severe cases, the victim may sustain serious brain trauma, herniation, amputations, and disfigurations (perhaps permanent).

Paralysis and other forms of disabilities resulting from bus accidents are also not unheard of.

In short: bus accident injuries are very serious.

Since the momentum of impact can be crushing, bus accidents may even result in death. In case of wrongful death, the parents, spouse, and children of the deceased can sue the at-fault party for the loss of consortium and possible financial losses.

As with all forms of automobile accidents, those involving buses can also cause severe economic drains. These can surface in the form of medical expenses, loss of income (temporary or permanent), repair costs for the damaged vehicle (if the victim was in one when it happened), and extra expenses necessitated by the event.

All of these economic and non-economic damages (the latter encompasses pain and suffering) can get you decent compensation from the insurance provider of the at-fault party. Contact a lawyer when taking charge of this reimbursement so that you can secure a sum that can cover all of your losses.

Financial Compensation For Bus Accident Victims In Dallas, Texas

As mentioned earlier, you can demand compensation for both the economic and non-economic losses that you sustained because of someone else's negligence. While the sufferer can be partially responsible for bus accidents, that is rarely the case.

Thus, with ample evidence and an experienced attorney, you can march into the at-fault party's insurance company and demand a financial settlement. Be sure that you don't say anything before proper consultation with your lawyer because your words can be held against you.

The insurance adjuster may try to downplay your claim for pain and suffering in an attempt to close the settlement with a minimal sum. However, you can contest such foul play by sharing convincing pieces of evidence like your medical bills and the doctor's notes to show how much you had to ensure because of the accident.

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If you are still not satisfied with the sum, you don't have to settle for it. Instead, you can take matters to a court of law and seek a more justifiable sum there.

Usually, automobile accidents can get people a sum between $14,000 and $28,000, and even more if the accident involved severe injuries (which is usually the case with bus accidents).

The Glenn Law Firm Is Here For You

Bus accidents are not only very traumatic but may also leave the victims in deep financial trouble. Under the prevailing economic conditions, it is nearly impossible to manage such expenses on your own. And, you don't have to, if you were wronged due to the other party, seeking fair financial compensation is your right.

Bus companies may use all the tactics at their disposal to either minimize the payout or avoid paying altogether. However, with the strong legal muscle of the bus accident lawyers at the Glenn Firm, you will be more than ready to receive a fair settlement for your personal injury claim.

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