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Dallas Hit and Run Accident

Automobile accidents can be devastating, but fleeing the crash scene is never an appropriate thing to do, both morally and legally. However, many drivers panic and take off after causing an accident without exchanging information with the other party.

Such cases are known as hit-and-run accidents, in this, and they are among the most troublesome of the lot when it comes to seeking compensation for your losses (medical bills, property damage, and so on) Dallas Hit and Run accidents lawyers are here to walk you though the process. When the offender is out of the case. The physical and emotional toll of such events, combined with the associated financial bleeding, make them very difficult to bear.

But you need not go through this mess by yourself, a team of professional hit-and-run accident lawyers will help you immensely in getting compensated for your economic and non-economic losses..

Defining Hit And Run Accidents

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Hit and run accidents happen when a driver fails to fulfill their duty of exchanging information with the other party, after an accident and instead flees the scene. In most cases, it may simply be an error of judgment or an impulsive decision by a panicked driver.

Other reasons include:

  • Not being insured
  • Not having a driver's license
  • The driver's license may be suspended at the time of the accident
  • The driver may have an arrest warrant on their head
  • Being inebriated

It is almost impossible to know why a hit and run driver fled the scene, whatever the case, you should never chase after such an individual because they may be dangerous.

You should stay near the scene of the accident and call the police instead. A hit and run event is construed as a misdemeanor, but if you sustained heavy injuries because of it, the other party will face serious criminal charges.

Hit and run accidents can cause serious damage to the victim and may leave one in deep financial trouble. Since the driver may never get caught and apprehended, you are most likely going to be dealing with your own insurance company for financial reimbursement.

It doesn't get any better from here on…

But professional injury attorneys can help you secure fair compensation for your losses and preserve your financial stability.

Common Injuries Sustained By Hit And Run Accident Victims

Most hit and run crashes are only moderately serious, however, you can expect whiplash, bruising, pain and suffering, and a blow to the head even in such cases. But this does not mean that hit and run cases don't get serious, quite, on the contrary, they can become nightmarish.

Traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, bone fracture, spinal cord injury, bruises, lacerations, amputations, paralysis, and even wrongful deaths are all very much possible in severe cases.

How To Deal With Hit And Run Accidents In Dallas?

Accidents are sudden and come as a shock. However, you must pull yourself together and act immediately if you want to get compensated. Remember that chasing after the other driver is out of the question.

You may need some help getting on your feet if the accident was severe, and if that is the case, perhaps seeking medical assistance should be priority zero. But if you can manage to hop on to your feet, brush away your pain, and start gathering evidence.

Dallas Texas Hit and Run Accident lawyer

Call the police immediately as it is a legal requirement in all states to do so after an accident. Before the reporting officers show up, you should photograph everything. Make sure that you get clear, and preferably high-res, pictures of the crash scene, your vehicle, your injuries, and those of any other passenger accompanying you.

Just be sure to get it all in the frame. You must also approach any bystanders and request them to share their contact information and anything else that may be helpful. Perhaps one of them had a good look on the other driver's license plate, if yes, you should note down the number.

When the officers come over, be sure that you are at, or at least near (by the side of the road) the accident scene. Tell the officers everything that you can remember about the incident. When you've reported the event, ask them to give you a copy of their police report. If the scenario plays a bit differently – you were rushed to the hospital because things were urgent – you'll have to go down to the nearest police station and file your report there.

Just be sure to keep all the records safe. You will need proof to convince the insurance adjuster of your losses, so don't lose those medical bills, doctor's prescriptions, receipts for vehicle repairs, records of extra expenses, and proof of lost wages. These will become useful when you march down the insurer's office and demand compensation for your losses.

Securing Compensation In Hit And Run Cases

Since the other driver may not be apprehended, you will have to contact your own insurer for financial compensation. This is a bit different than how other accident cases play out but you will be compensated for your losses if your case is solid enough.

It would be best if you take your attorney with you because you may not be able to build a strong case on your own. Moreover, whatever you say before the insurance adjuster can be used against you so be very careful about your choice of words.

The uninsured motorist coverage encompasses reimbursements for losses incurred by hit and run cases. Your insurer should be willing to help after reviewing all the evidence and offer you a sum that covers your economic and non-economic damages.

Dallas Hit and Run Accident lawyer

However, if settlement negotiations turn out to be futile, you can walk out and have your lawyer file a civil lawsuit to make the insurance company honor its commitment.

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