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Dallas Head-On Collision

A head-on collision happens in an instant and leaves lifelong consequences: amputation, disability, incapacity to work, or even death. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are behind the steering wheel, it takes just one drowsy or distracted driver to change your life forever.

To add insult to the injury, insurance companies will try to pay you as little compensation as possible, or even try to blame you for the accident. This is why you need professional assistance and representation by an experienced Dallas head-on collision attorney from Glenn Law Firm.

How Likely Are You to Be Involved in a Head-on Collision?

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The roads of Texas are very dangerous if we are to look at the statistics published by the Texas Department of Transportation. In 2019 alone:

  • 1 reportable vehicle crash occurred every 56 seconds
  • 600 people died in head-on crashes
  • over 256,000 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes
  • 25% of all fatalities were victims of impact collisions caused by alcohol-related reasons (DUI).

These statistics are worrisome for the most careful and experienced driver. From our perspective, as collision claim attorneys, each instance is a case when someone suffers lifelong health consequences and deserves compensation from the driver accountable for the collision.

What Are the Consequences of Head-on or Rear-end Collisions?

Even if you are wearing the seatbelt (one of the top defensive driving techniques recommended by specialists), in the unfortunate case when you are a victim of head-on or rear-end collisions, you will need immediate medical attention.

In our experience, injuries from this type of crash range from serious to catastrophic, including:

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may spend weeks or even months in hospital. During this period, medical bills will pile up, while your source of income will stop.

What Do You Need to Do if You Were a Victim of a Head-on Collision?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this type of crash has many causes:

Thus, at any moment you may be faced with another vehicle heading straight towards you and become another statistic for Texas head-on collision car accidents.

Follow Medical Advice to the Letter

In our experience, insurers try to wrangle their way out of paying your medical expenses, by claiming that you went against medical advice. In order to expand your legal options, make sure that you do exactly what the first response tells you and allow being taken to the hospital.

At the same time, instruct a family member to contact our relentless auto accident attorneys at Glenn Law Firm. We will start working on your case right away.

Let an Experienced Attorney Handle Your Case

An experienced personal injury lawyer will prepare your case for out-of-court negotiation or trial, without leaving any relevant aspect or piece of evidence out.

We will look into:

Dallas Head-On Collision lawyers in Texas
  • the police report prepared at the scene of the accident
  • the way collision wrecks were secured to prevent tampering with evidence
  • the medical evaluation, including future potential health problems
  • the degree of impairment the fault driver caused you.

We Will Fight to Get Fair Compensation for You

As we said above, without an experienced Dallas head-on collision lawyer representing you,  chances are you will only get a small part of the compensation you deserve. Automobile insurance companies will approach you or your family at your most vulnerable moment and propose a lump sum. This amount may not even cover your medical bills.

When our law firm represents injured people, we are fighting to obtain any type of compensation allowed by the law:

  • lost wages
  • noneconomic losses (your pain and suffering)
  • long term medical care necessary after a devastating car crash
  • diminished capacity of earning.

We will conduct negotiations with one single focus: getting justice for you and ensuring that you are indemnified for your pain and losses.

What Happens when Settlement Negotiations Fail?

If we cannot get to an acceptable agreement with the insurance companies (or trucking companies, as applicable), we will prepare for a collision injury lawsuit. Here, we will present our case before a judge and jury and strive to obtain compensation from the reckless driver.

Our legal team has an extensive track record of fair compensation awards obtained for clients. Both in and out of court, we do not settle for less than what we believe is a just amount to cover your economic and noneconomic losses.

Timely Action Increases Chances of a Successful Outcome

In case of an accident caused by reckless driving, the victim and their relatives should hire a lawyer as soon as possible to start preparing the case for negotiation or trial. From the initial reading of the crash report to direct discussions with witnesses, the personal injury attorney will get a clear image of the circumstances of the head, while the details are fresh in people's memory.

This is why we encourage every victim and their loved ones to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced head-on collision lawyer as soon as possible.

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From the first consultation, you will be treated with empathy, compassion, and professionalism. We will explain everything we will do on your behalf in a way that you can understand. Our motto is "we fight to win" and we embrace it in every case we take on.

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