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Dallas Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents are dangerous enough as-is, but with a tractor-trailer (commercial truck or 18 wheeler) in the equation, things can become much worse. The sheer mass and momentum of these behemoths make them a devastating force in the event of a crash. We as Dallas tractor trailer accident lawyers can help you at getting that financial compensation.

Truck accidents are not unheard of in Texas, and those involving tractor-trailers are especially gruesome. Victims of such crashes, if they survive, have to go to sustain heavy financial and non-economic damages, and things may be further complicated by the loss of a loved one in such an incident.

In most cases, it is the truck driver who is to blame, so, if you were wronged like this, seeking financial compensation for your losses is within your legal rights.

Our professional lawyers will help you claim a fair settlement for your losses, read on to explore why you need legal help with accidents involving tractor-trailers in Dallas, Texas.

Tractor Trailers Are Deadly – But Why?

Tractor-trailers are among the deadliest and most risky vehicles on the road. They are massive, and when traveling at high speeds, they become harder to stop than other vehicles. The larger size also means that they will gain much momentum during their acceleration, and thus when the vehicle collides, it will deliver a shattering force to the other party.

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Things are further complicated by the conditions of highways and negligence on the part of the tractor-trailer driver. In short: being hit by one is a disaster, period. Not only do such accidents cause severe injuries like serious brain damage and blows to the spine, but also put a staggering financial pressure on the victim.

Thus, there is no option for accident victims but to seek compensation for these losses.

Why Do Tractor Trailer Accidents Happen In Dallas?

These accidents can happen due to any number of reasons, however, the most common ones include:

Over-Speeding: Trucks are massive, this means that when a driver speeds more than the legal limit, the vehicle gains much more momentum than it should to stop when needed. Thus if something goes south, the driver may not be able to control the situation – resulting in an accident. In this scenario, the driver will be at fault, no question about it.

Exceeding Weight Limit For Payloads: Carrying an unusually heavy payload can destabilize the vehicle, leading to accidents. Not only do they increase the momentum, but heavier payloads also make stopping much harder. In this case, the tractor-trailer company is at fault for exceeding legal limits for loading.

Mechanical Problems: If the vehicle became involved in an accident due to improper maintenance leading to technical issues or due to a manufacturing defect, the company or manufacturer will be given the blame in such cases (depending on the type of malfunction).

Sleep Deprivation: Most commercial truck drivers have an overworked routine with cruel hours of service. They are, after all, only human. If the lack of sleep led to the accident, then the trucking companies will be held accountable for forcing their workers to work beyond human capacity. However, if the scheduling policy was flexible and the commercial drivers chose to go on riding without proper sleep, then they will share the blame.

Driving Under Influence: While drinking itself is not a crime, there is a legal limit for alcohol consumption, measured by the blood alcohol concentration. If in the case of an accident, the driver was found behind the wheel with a blood alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit, then they would be considered at fault.

Distracted Driving: Unprofessional commercial drivers often busy themselves with eating or texting while driving which is both illegal and a perfect recipe for disaster. This negligence often leads to gruesome accidents and in every case, it is the distracted driver who is to blame.

Highway Hypnosis: Going on for miles and miles may sometimes put the driver in a trance-like situation, rendering them unable to react in time to avoid a crash. Companies should give their drivers adequate rest between long journeys to avoid such a disaster.

And so on…

The at-fault party may either be the driver if they were distracted, intoxicated, over-speeding, or it may be the company for not scheduling travel plans smartly, denying their workers rest, or not maintaining the trucks in perfect shape. It may also be the manufacturer of the vehicles if there was a technical issue that led to the accident.

Even the State of Texas can be held accountable if poor road conditions somehow contributed to the accident. If you were not at fault and were wronged like this, you can sue the responsible parties for fair compensation, and this you can accomplish with the helpful legal counsel of competent accident lawyers.

What To Do After Trucking Accidents?

If you were not completely incapacitated by the truck crash, you will have to muster up your strength and go through some steps to ensure that you do get a fair financial compensation:

  • Call the police immediately because it is a legal requirement.
  • When the officers show up, tell them all that you can remember about the accident and request a police report.
  • Talk to the other driver and exchange information. This too is a legal responsibility for both sides.
  • While exchanging information, don't discuss blame even if the other party brings it up.
  • Photograph everything including your vehicle, the extent of the damage, the site of the accident, your injuries, etc.
  • If someone came to your help after witnessing the accident, ask for their contact information as they may become witnesses.
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Keep track of all expenses you had to bear because of the accident.
  • Contact a Dallas personal injury attorney to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Seeking Financial Compensation As A Tractor Trailer Accident Victim

Truck accident victims must approach the insurer of the at-fault party for compensation. Lay down all the facts and records before the insurance adjuster and discuss your demands with them. It would be great if you brought a lawyer with you for legal counsel.

If you can settle for a decent sum, well and good, otherwise, you should walk away and file a lawsuit.

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