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Rideshare transportation services like Uber were revolutionary when they first came out and have continued to grow ever since in Dallas and beyond. The sheer simplicity of the process, convenience, and flexibility, all combine to make Uber one of the “go-to” quick transport services.

Whether you're hanging out (late night) with friends, or simply want a ride to the local grocery store, Uber offers the much-needed ease of use and cooperation. However, there is one area of the company's policy that leaves much to be desired and that is its highly convoluted insurance policy.

Though Uber's approach to reimbursing passengers in the case of an accident has improved over the years, it is no walk in the park. If you have been in an Uber accident, seeking financial compensation for your losses can be challenging, but a professional personal injury attorney will make all the difference. Dallas Uber accident lawyers are here to help.

Never delay seeking legal counsel after such events, let's explore the matter further.

Defining Uber Accidents In Dallas

Uber accidents are not the same as car accidents. Multiple complications set the line between these two. Firstly, in this situation, you are riding as a passenger in a third-party vehicle. Secondly, you, as a passenger, are insured by the company but only under certain circumstances. Thirdly, the accident can happen due to the app itself but there may be other reasons and the at-fault party will vary accordingly.

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We didn't mean to say that the Uber app itself is dangerous, but there is a risk factor here – and a huge one at that. Since the drivers may not know certain parts of the town, they may constantly steal looks at the app screen to ensure that they're headed the right way.

This is distracted driving and can result in accidents. Moreover, Uber drivers usually operate on a time limit, even if arbitrary – no one wants to be late, that's why people call an Uber to begin with, and this may result in over-speeding and whatnot. In short: the drivers are under pressure and they can't keep their focus on one thing at a time.

This means that the odds of being in an Uber accident are much higher than those of other car accidents. But at the same time, Uber claims to be safe and reliable, but anyone who reads the paper or stays up to date with the news otherwise will know that the first one is only partly true.

Thus accidents are an ever-present threat and need to be dealt with when the time comes, but how? This "how" is the reason why Uber accidents are best left to a team of expert injury lawyers in Dallas who know the law well and can tackle the at-fault parties.

Factors Affecting Uber Personal Injury Claims In Dallas

The biggest obstacle in securing compensation from Uber regarding such accidents is that none of the drivers are technically employees. In short: the company takes no responsibility for their actions except for a limited window of time when they are actively engaged with the company's network.

Once that app screen is off, the company is out.

There have been several demands from concerned legal reps that Uber designates its drivers as employees but as of yet, it only calls them independent contractors.

To know whether or not will Uber be a party in your case, you need to understand the stages of their operation:

Offline Phase: If the driver is not using the app, hence not active on the Uber network, then the company has nothing to do with whatever happens. The driver owns the car and will be solely responsible for any accidents.

Available Phase: If the driver has turned on the app screen and is accepting clients from the Uber network but hasn't got one yet, then the company will only be partially responsible for any mishap.

En Route Phase: While a driver is on the way to picking up a passenger, they may get involved in an accident, and if that turns out to be the case, then the company will be fully involved in the case.

On Trip Phase: Similarly, the company offers complete insurance support including uninsured motorist coverage to any passengers in one of the Ubers.

Knowing the phase of operation and the depth of the company's involvement in case of an accident is the first step in ensuring compensation. If you're feeling confused and intimidated by the complexity of things, you're not the only one, many victims have similar worries.

Just seek legal help as soon as possible.

Seeking Financial Compensation For Your Damages In Dallas, Texas

You will have to keep track of everything, including the details associated with the accident, when filing your personal injury claim. The accident victim is entitled to claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages from the at-fault party's insurance company.

The damages demanding a settlement include:

Dallas Texas Uber Accident attorney
  • All of your medical care expenses
  • Loss of income, either temporary or permanent
  • Property damage (perhaps your laptop got smashed during the accident)
  • Psychological and physical agony resulting from the accident
  • And much more…

These cases can get victims a sum as high as $1 million via Uber's insurance coverage, but that's only for the most extreme conditions.

The Glenn Law Firm Offers Complete Support For Uber Accident Victims In Dallas, Texas

Uber accidents are much more complicated than other forms of automobile crashes. Not only do they involve a ton of complexities but also leave the victims highly confused about their options for financial compensation from the insurance company.

However, you don't have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax, and let your mind and body recover from the trauma while we take charge of stuff for you. The Glenn Law Firm has proven time and again that we can deliver more than the expectations of our clients.

Our mission is to fetch you a decent sum to help settle your financial losses and get compensated for your sufferings.

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