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When you need an experienced attorney for product liability cases, call Defective Product Liability Lawyer In TX David Glenn. Especially for any injury cases that are the result of products that are defective in design, manufacture, or marketing.

Product liability is an area of law involving injury as a result of the use of a product. If the product is defective in its design, manufacture, marketing or other extenuating circumstances surrounding its normal and intended use and someone becomes injured as a result, that person may have a product liability case.

If you have been injured as the result of a product defect, call the Glenn Law Firm for a Free Consultation. We will assess the situation and let you know if you have a case. If the injury occurred as the result of any kind of manufacturer's negligence, they will fight tirelessly to get you every penny you deserve.

Entities who could be responsible for product liability cases include the product manufacturer or any company that makes parts of the product that can be proven to be defective. Responsible entities could also include the store where the product was purchased, the supplier, wholesaler or distributor. Proving liability at any link in the chain can be difficult.

This is why you need an attorney experienced with product liability cases who can look at all the details and determine where the fault lies. The expert attorneys at the Glenn Law Firm have that experience and will leave no stone unturned in their effort to make that determination and pursue a fair and reasonable settlement or judgment.

dallas product liability lawyer

Design Defects

A product's defect could be the result of its design, problems with the manufacturing or, in some cases, even the marketing of the product. Design defects predate manufacture and are the most common cause of product recalls. Your attorney at the Glenn Law Firm will research any available history regarding recalls or incidents of injury due to manufacturing or design defects and build your case based on all available data.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are more random in nature and may not be caught until serious problems or reports of injury surface. If the product itself is found to be defective, the likelihood that the manufacturer will be found 100% liable is high. At this level, liability is rarely scalable. In other words, it doesn't matter how hard they tried to make the product safe. If it makes it to market with a dangerous defect, the manufacturer is liable.

Manufacturers are required by law to make every effort to prevent defects in all areas of design, manufacture, and marketing and those to distribute and sell the product are also legally and ethically obligated to examine and exercise discretion regarding the products they sell. When any link in the chain is broken, liability exists. This is why you need a competent, experienced attorney to organize the details and find the source of that liability.

Your Glenn Law Firm attorney will discover where that weak link is and pursue a reasonable judgment or settlement in your best interest. Do you believe you may be the victim of a product manufacturing defect? Call the Glenn Law Firm for a free consultation.

Marketing Defects

A marketing defect occurs when a company fails to provide proper instructions regarding the intended use of the product or warn of any associated dangers that arise from its use under certain circumstances. In the area of product liability law, this is the most complicated and most difficult to prove. Only a seasoned, experienced attorney, like those at the Glenn Law Firm, can sift through all the details and find the actual cause of the injury. When they do, they will go after everything that is fair and get you the settlement you deserve.

Marketing defects can also take the form of product misrepresentation. If the product is promoted by way of packaging or advertising in a manner that fails to disclose or attempts to hide any danger associated with using it, the entity responsible for marketing the product could be held liable for any resulting injuries. If you believe you have been the victim of an injury due to a marketing defect, call the Glenn Law Firm and speak to an attorney for free. Find out if there actually was a marketing defect and what your next move should be.

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