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If you or a loved need to speak to a truck accident lawyer in Grapevine Texas, David Glenn is a strong ally who has been handling these types of cases for nearly 40 years. A truck accident is one of the most horrific events to happen on public roads. Innocent car drivers and their passengers are caught in a mayhem of fire, contorted metal and spillage of various chemicals. Many lose their lives and many other are left with devastating injuries, such as spine injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

Statistics Concerning Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles happen with an increased frequency. 18-wheelers and other models of large commercial vans are driving up and down US highways, delivering all sorts of products, from crude oil to basic consumer goods. The increase in demand for products and the pressures of fast delivery terms determine trucking companies to increase their fleet and create more extenuating schedules for truck drivers.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Association, in 2018 there were 4,862 large trucks involved in fatal accidents across the US, an 1% increase from the previous years. More detailed FMCSA statistics show that:

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  • 4,951 people were killed in fatal truck accidents
  • 176,000 people suffered injuries and property damage in a truck crash
  • 40,108 passenger vehicles were involved in crashes with large commercial vehicles.

For our state, the Texas Department of Transportation has even more recent statistics - from 2020. Thus, there were 513 fatal trucking accidents across the state, claiming the lives of 581 people and leaving other 1,245 with serious injuries.

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are usually at fault for crashes. In various cases, they are not directly or solely responsible for the bodily injuries and property damage they cause. Let us examine some common reasons of non-fatal and fatal crashes:

Negligent Truck Driver

Driving negligence can cause serious road accidents. However, as any truck accident attorney can attest to, a negligent and distracted truck driver can cause devastation, plowing into several passenger vehicles and motorcycles within a few seconds.

Driver Fatigue

A truck driver asleep behind the wheel may be the main fault driver in the crash, but not the only responsible party. Usually, truckers are given tight and unrealistic deadlines to deliver the merchandise they carry. To meet these deadlines, commercial vehicle drivers usually skip the compulsory breaks set by the FMCSA. By causing their employees to work in excess of the hours of service imposed by federal regulations, trucking companies are also liable for any auto accident caused by driver fatigue.

Aggressive Driving

Changing lanes suddenly and tailgating are hazardous practices that fall under aggressive driving. When the vehicle in question is a fully loaded 18-wheele, losing control over it even for one second can cause fatal collisions. In this case, the trucker's employer may be vicariously responsible, if the truck accident lawyer can prove that they did not perform an adequate screening, which may have shown a track record of reckless driving, drunk driving or other evidence of negligence behind the wheel.


A driver who exceeds the speed limit breaks traffic laws and puts other people's lives in danger. However, for many commercial vehicle drivers, this is one of the ways of keeping up with their schedule of deliveries. However, excessive speed means reduced control over the vehicle, leading to a semi-truck accident.

Equipment Malfunction

When a truck brake, or another critical part fails, an 18-wheeler accident can happen despite the driver's best efforts to avoid it. In this instance, an experienced attorney can identify multiple responsible parties, such as:

  • the manufacturer of the respective part
  • the dealership that sold it
  • the maintenance company that failed to identify a malfunctioning or worn down part.

Types of Injuries Sustained in Truck Crashes

Traffic accidents involving massive vehicles cause fatal injuries or very severe injuries. Truck accident victims usually suffer from:

  • broken bones
  • spinal cord injuries
  • neck injuries
  • head injuries
  • internal organ injuries
  • chemical burns.
Greapevine TX Truck Accident Lawyer

They usually require extensive medical treatment and may be left with life long debilitating injuries and impairments.

What You Should Do after a Truck Accident

The first and main concern after a Grapevine, TX truck accident is to make sure that you and the passengers in your cars are safe. If you are unable to cal 9-1-1 ask the first able person to do so and request upfront medical attention.

Also, as far as possible, take photos and videos of the accident scene with your telephone. They may prove critical evidence at a later date, when your truck accident attorney is negotiating with the insurance company.

When the police arrive to investigate the scene of the crash, tell what happened, but do not make any kind of admission of guilt. Even a few words can be used against you to reduce the financial compensation you are entitled to receive.

Go to Hospital and Seek Medical Treatment

The ambulance crew will most likely recommend you to go to hospital for further investigations and tests. Do not refuse. On one hand, you may have hidden injuries that will get worse without medical attention. On the other hand, the insurance adjuster representing the trucking company will use this as proof that you did not sustain any serious injury in the crash.

Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company Representative

In most cases, insurance companies send an adjuster to get you to sign a deal very shortly after the crash. They count on the fact that you are confused and in pain and suffering, and you will not judge your situation very clearly. In fact, you should refuse to make any statement and to say anything to the insurance adjuster. Simply state that your personal injury attorney will contact them to discuss your truck accident injury claim.

Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

A personal injury attorney knows how to calculate your fair compensation after commercial truck accidents and how to negotiate a settlement with insurance company. To build your case, the attorney will rely on indisputable evidence:

  • your medical records, showing the extent of your injuries
  • the accident report prepared by the police
  • photos, videos, traffic camera footage
  • witness statements
  • the report of a professional accident reconstructionist.

The attorney will take care of all legal matters while you are recovering in hospital and at home. They will calculate your fair monetary compensation to cover for both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages represent all your financial expenses and losses, such as:

  • hospital bills
  • medical treatment
  • loss of income
  • out of pocket expenses.

Non-economic losses represent:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of consortium
  • mental anguish and trauma.

In some cases, you may also be eligible to receive punitive damages, if the negligent driver is proven to have acted with malicious intent or gross negligence.

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